Photos: Linkin Park – Live @ Vans Warped Tour 2014

Chester Bennington - Linkin Park - Vans Warped Tour

I’m not known as a fan of modern rock. I tend to run away from the commercial ‘alternative’ rock radio stations, but I really do love Linkin Park. For awhile i thought it might be a bias (i grew up with drummer Rob Bourdon), but after seeing the band perform over a dozen times i’m convinced these guys are one of the most legit live bands on the planet. And with the all charity and non-profit work they do, Linkin Park also one of the realest bands on the planet. These guys do and will have staying power.

Chester Bennington - 2014 - Vans Warped Tour - Linkin Park

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Vans Warped Tour, and this Linkin Park set in Ventura, CA
was a surprise appearance announced the day of the show and done to promote the bands (then) recently released album release The Hunting Party. The band – featuring Chester Bennington, Mike Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson and Phoenix – performed a short set featuring many guests who appeared earlier in the day at Warped Tour. Guests during Linkin Park’s set included the singers of Yellowcard, Finch, Devil Wears Prada and A Day to Remember.

Brad Delson - Linkin Park - Warped Tour - June 22nd 2014

Linkin Park - Mike Shinoda - Chester Bennington - Vans Warped Tour - 2014

Mike Shinoda - Vans Warped Tour - Linkin Park - 2014

Unfortunately the band did not approve photographers to photograph their set in the photo pit, so i staked out a spot in the crowd to shoot. A complete set list from the Linkin Park Warped Tour surprise appearance is below

1. ‘One Step Closer’ (featuring Nate Barcalow of Finch)
2. ‘New Divide’ (featuring David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina)
3. ‘Guilty All the Same’ (featuring Mike Hranica and Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada)
4. ‘Faint’ (featuring Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn of Issues)
5. ‘What I’ve Done’ (featuring Ryan Key of Yellowcard)
6. ‘A Place For My Head’ (featuring Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember)
7. ‘Bleed It Out’ (featuring Machine Gun Kelly)


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