Photos: Lionel Richie – Live @ Life is Beautiful Festival 2014

Lionel Richie - Life is Beautiful - Concert Photo

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I thought that Lionel Richie would one day (again) be the headliner at a mainstream music festival i’d have said no way. Shit, twenty years ago he didn’t even really have a career that had any active juice. Whether it is a virtue of his daughter becoming a mainstream pop culture sensation, or the staying power of his music, Lionel Richie is again regarded as a superstar and a festival headliner.

In addition to performing at Bonnaroo in 2014, Lionel Ritchie also served as a sub-headliner at the Life is Beautiful festival in Downtown Las Vegas. Ritchie performed on the festivals first night which was also the same night that Kayne West headlined. Richie drew one of the festivals largest crowds and also the most diverse. No setlist is available online for the show, but I can confirm that he performed a career spanning set that included both Brick House and Hello.

Lionel Richie - Life is Beautiful - October 25th, 2014


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