Photos: The Flaming Lips – Live @ Outside Lands Festival 2014

Flaming lips - Outside Lands - August 10th 2014 - Scott Dudelson

Photographing a Flaming Lips show is a joyous event. Its also one of the few festival bands in which you can be assured every credentialed photographer will be in the photo pit. The Flaming Lips always put on a great show.

I’ve now photographed the Flaming Lips at least a dozen times, and in 2004 in Vegas (at the short lived, but awesome Vegoose festival), I even joined the band on stage as one of the assorted dancing furries (footage can be found here). I’ve seen them at a variety of gigs ranging from Coachella and Vegoose to the original All Tomorrows Parties festival (on Queen Mary boat in 2004) and a rare performance at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (where they covered Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon in its entirety). My most recent adventure photographing the Flaming Lips occurred at the 2014 Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park, CA.

Wayne Coyne - Flaming LIps - Outside Lands - 2014 - Scott Dudelson

Flaming Lips - Wayne Coyne - Photo- Outside Lands - 2014

The reason photographing a Flaming Lips concert is so fun is there is so much to shoot. Whether it is giant props, confetti, or a dancing mushrooms, the stage is always filled with activity. This Outside Lands set took place during day time, which is a duel edged sword – metering the shots is easier and less manual (the good), but the visuals are generally not as dynamic and colorful (the bad). Its still all good though and this performance – like the one’s that preceded it – lived up to the lore and expectations that a Flaming Lips show brings.

Wayne Coyne - Flaming Lips - Photo - 2014 - Outside Lands - Scott Dudelson

Derek Brown - Michael Ivins - Flaming Lips - Outside Lands festival - 2014

Below is a set list from this Outside Lands festival appearance on August 10th, 2014. Set list is courtesy

The Abandoned Hospital Ship
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1
The Golden Path (The Chemical Brothers cover)
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Race for the Prize
Vein of Stars
Look…The Sun Is Rising
Do You Realize??
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles cover)


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