Photos: Action Bronson – Live @ Camp Flog Gnaw 2014

Action Bronson - 11/8/2014 - Camp Flog Gnaw Festival

My #1 favorite hip hop artist to photograph is Action Bronson. I’ve probably photographed him now about half a dozen times and each time its more ridiculous and fun than the previous. Up until this recent Camp Flog Gnaw festival at the LA Memorial Coliseum, my favorite Action Bronson experience was at the 2013 Coachella festival where I captured pictures of him not only smoking a fat joint in the photo pit, but also throwing a pound of marijuana into the crowd (a security guy came up to me shortly thereafter asking if i had any rolling papers to go with the weed he caught).

Camp Flog Gnaw - Action Bronson - 11/8/2014

Action Bronson has become notorious for these types of stunts, and recently at the Ottawa Bluesfest he wandered into the crowd (which he does nearly always), and straight into a port-a-potty where he may or may not have done some business (while continuing to rap).

Action Bronson - 11/8/2014 - Camp Flog Gnaw

At this Camp Flog Gnaw festival Action Bronson came on stage complete with a fat and long joint in his hands. By the second song the joint was lit, and so was Action Bronson. By the fourth song Action Bronson climbed off the stage and wandered into the crowd and walked straight across the festival and onto the second stage which was probably about a 1/5 of a mile away. I managed to follow Action Bronson the entire length of venue, and followed him backstage and on-stage when he jumped onto the second stage. Epic stuff. Unfortunately a set list for this show was unavailable.
Action Bronson - 11/8/2014 - Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival


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