Photos: Billy Joe Shaver – Live @ Shotguns – SXSW 2014


Billy Joe Shaver is one of the baddest badasses in music. Shit, the dude shot another dude in the face during a bar fight at age 68 (the jury acquitted him for shooting in self-defense).

Shaver later went on to say: “I hit him right between a mother and a fucker. That was the end of that. He dropped his weapons and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ And [Shaver] said, ‘Well, if you had said that inside, there would have been no problem.”

When i learned that Billy Joe Shaver was playing at a shitty bar called Shotguns on Austin’s 6th street during SXSW I had to be there and photograph it.

Billy Joe Shaver - SXSW - 2014 - Austin, TX

Billy Joe Shaver has been making music for over 50 years and is widely regarded as a living legend. He’s written a bunch of songs for Willie Nelson, been nominated for Grammy’s for his own work, and he’s even name checked in a Bob Dylan song from the Together Through Life album.

He’s rough and tough and at age 75 he is still making music and just released his 23rd solo album called Long in the Tooth. I have not heard the record but its received a 76% on meta critic (pretty good), and features guest spots from Willie Nelson, Leon Russell and Tony Joe White.

A set list is unavailable from this show. Sorry!


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