Photos: Daniel Lanois – Live @ Ameoba Records 2014

Daniel Lanois - Amoeba Records - December 8th, 2014
His name may not be familiar but Daniel Lanois has produced some of the best records of the past thirty years. The most notable records of the lot is U2’s Joshua Tree, but other records include late masterpieces by Bob Dylan (Time Out of Mind), Emmylou Harris (Stumble Into Grace) and Neil Young (Le Noise). But in addition to being a masterful producer, Daniel Lanois also has his own eclectic side solo projects and on December 8th, 2014 he performed with one of these projects at Ameoba Records in Hollywood, CA.

Daniel Lanois - Ameoba Records - 2014

Performing with a drummer and bass player, Daniel Lanois performed this show primarily behind a mixing station where he coordinated the soundscapes, and behind a pedal steel guitar where he created lush atmospheric sounds. Lanois performed songs from his latest record Flesh and Blood which came out on ANTI-Records and has been likened to some of the work he did in the 1980’s with producer Brian Eno.

Unfortunately a setlist from this show was unavailable.


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